Aviation Consulting

Your passengers deserve perfect safety.  Your accountant demands efficiency.  You demand productivity. 

Exploring the options for private jet travel?  Looking into purchasing your own business aircraft?  Need help setting up a flight department? 

We can help. 

With more than 50 years of combined experience in aviation operations, safety and management, we bring unique expertise to help you make the best decision for yourself and your company.   We know where the "Gotchas" in this industry are, and we know how to drill through the sales materials to give you a realistic expectation of charter, aircraft ownership or aircraft management.  More important, we think the best thing we can do for our reputation is to give our clients the unvarnished truth.  If it's not a good deal for you, we'll tell you right up front.  Like you, we are business people, and we approach aircraft ownership and private travel with an eye to business efficiency.  Let our experts help guide you through the process so that when you do make a decision, you can rest easy knowing that your private aviation solution is safe, efficient and productive.