Aviation Safety

"I'd rather see this company go out of business than to ever risk hurting anyone with an airplane"

                                     -Marty Moser, CEO and Founder of Moser Aviation

At Moser Aviation, safety isn't just a consideration, it's our number one core value.  Our leadership "grew up" in military aviation and are military trained and experienced aviation safety professionals.  We apply that disciplined and rigorous approach to safety every day, on every flight.  You're entrusting us with your safety when you fly, and we work hard to earn that trust in everything we do.  That's why we use an International Standards for Business Aviation Operations compliant Safety Management System that is audited by a professional third party auditor to make sure we're identifying and evaluating the risks every time we fly, and proactively seeking ways to improve the safety of our operations.

You shouldn't have to take our word for it though, so we work with ARG/US, Wyvern and IBAC to make sure we're meeting their rigorous safety standards, and to provide you the assurance that we're actually operating as safely as we say we are.  For more information on our safety programs or to check up on us, click one the logos below or contact us via email or phone.