Where We Fly

Moser Aviation is certified by the FAA to conduct charter operations throughout the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska, Mexico and Canada.  We also have partnerships we can utilize to get you virtually anywhere in the world.  Just tell us where you need to go and we'll work our magic to get you there.

Private charter aviation affords you the luxury and convenience unavailable on commercial airlines.  When you book a trip with Moser Aviation we will work with you to find the closest available airport to your destination.  Moser is able to fly to many more airports than are available to commercial airlines.  For exmaple, if you have an afternoon business meeting in Van Nuys, California, our pilots can take you directly to Van Nuys Airport rather than having to spend hours communting to and from Los Angeles International Airport.

Your time is valuable, you shouldn't be wasting it in LA traffic.