Pilots & Personnel

Moser Aviation hires only the most experienced, professional and well trained pilots available.  We train them incessantly on the aircraft, on aviation safety, and business efficiency.  In addition, we make sure they provide the ultimate level of personalized customer service that you deserve.

All Moser Aviation Captains are qualified as Airline Transport Pilots, the highest rating available from the FAA, and are type certified on the Hawker 400XP.  We send each Captain to an intensive simulator based recurrent course every six months, and we go far above and beyond the requirements of the FAA to make sure your pilots are trained, rested and ready to take you safely where you need to be.  For a Moser Aviation pilot, safety is not just a consideration, it is an imperative.

Marty Moser
President and Director of Operations

​Marty is a 1993 graduate of the USAF Academy. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Astronautical Engineering, and earned an MBA in 2017 from the MIT Sloan School of Management. Marty spent the first 20 years of his flying career as an F-16 pilot and flight safety officer in the Air Force. Management experience in the energy and agribusiness industries have given him a uniquely efficient approach to the business of aviation. Retired from the Colorado Air National Guard, Marty brings the same disciplined, precise flying to business aviation that he successfully employed as a Combat Instructor and Fighter Pilot in the military.

“At the end of the day, customer service means just that. Service. It means understanding what the customer needs and wants, and then doing everything in our power to provide that customer with an unparalleled experience. In short, customer service is about an attitude of ‘YES.’”

Contact him at Martin.Moser@moseraviation.com

Sara Platt Moser
Director of Communications and Government Affairs

​Sara co-owns Moser Aviation, and manages our community and government outreach programs. She graduated from Concordia College in 1994 with a BA in Political Science and earned her Master’s in Public Policy from the University of Denver in 2012. Sara serves the nation as a Captain in the US Coast Guard Reserve. She spent ten years on active duty in the Coast Guard, including postings aboard the USCG Cutter Reliance, and in Washington, DC as a liaison to the US House of Representatives. She also serves on the Colorado Aviation Business Association Legislative Committee.

“Providing excellent customer service means that every interaction you have with Moser Aviation is a great one, and at the end of the day makes your life easier. We achieve outstanding customer service by ensuring that everyone at Moser Aviation reflects our company values of integrity responsibility and respect.”

Contact her at Sara.Moser@moseraviation.com

Jim Collins
Chief Operating Officer

​Jim is also a retired F-16 pilot, having spent many years in the Colorado Air National Guard. Jim started at the bedrock of the military as an aircraft mechanic, and made his way all the way up to flying combat sorties in the F-16 and commanding the aircraft maintenance squadron. Jim has many years of experience in flight safety managment and business, as an instructor for American Airlines, previous Chief Pilot at Moser Aviation and now the Chief Operating Officer.

Contact him at Jimc@moseraviation.com

Mike Cronk
Director of Maintenance

​Mike has been involved in aviation for 22 years, he has been a certified mechanic for 18 years and has held an Inspectors Authorization for 15 years. Mike graduated from Colorado Aero Tech with an Associates degree of Occupational Science. In Mike’s aviation career he has worked as a line mechanic on a wide variety of aircraft ranging from small single engine aircraft, up to and including numerous aircraft in the corporate category. Mike has also held positions as Quality Control Manager/Chief Inspector for a part 145 repair station, Base Maintenance Manager for a part 135 charter operator and a General Manager for a part 145 repair station.

Contact him at Mike.Cronk@moseraviation.com