Moser Aviation Southern Overfly Permit

Sep 11, 2014 | Categories: New Programs

It’s a little known secret to those of us that fly privately frequently entering the United States from southern countries require all civil, and private aircraft to first land at an airport of entry for Customs and Border patrol (US CBP) to inspect the aircraft for illegal items and proper pilot and passenger documentation (the same way customs is required when flying into a major international airport after a commercial international flight) before continuing on to our final destination. These airports are called Airport of Entry and are located all around the United States borders and must have a US CBP agent on field. A good example on one of these airports is El Paso International Airport or ELP located on the westerly tip of Texas. El Paso is a good Airport of Entry for civil and private aircrafts entering the United States from popular Mexican cities like Cabo San Lucas because it’s right across the border from Mexico.

Up until September 2014 Moser Aviation was required to abide to this rule by stopping at the first airport of entry whenever entering the United States from a southern country. After September 8th 2014 Moser Aviation has been approved for a southern over flight exemption from US CBP good for two years. This exemption allows Moser Aviation to overfly the closest US airports of the southern border and continue on to our final destination non-stop, assuming this destination is a Port of Entry with a US customs agent. With the much anticipated return of N302TB from Nextant Aerospace in November 2014, this over flight permit will allow Moser Aviation the nonstop capability from Cabo San Lucus to Denver Colorado with up to 8 passengers.