Embracing Technology

Apr 09, 2014 | Categories: Aviation Safety, Customer Care

As a transformative and agile company, Moser Aviation is always seeking ways to use technology to improve safety of flight and make our business processes more efficient.  Apple’s IPAD has been a game changer in the business aviation industry.  It allows a business jet operator to consolidate all the necessary paper charts, approach diagrams and manuals into a single device in the cockpit.  Moser Aviation transitioned from a paper based system to the IPAD last year, on a trial basis with the FAA, and gained full approval from the FAA to use the IPADs as the sole source for these documents in August.  We’ve even beaten some of the major airlines, like United, that still don’t have full approval from the FAA to go paperless.

The advantages have been many.  The most noticeable changes in terms of improved client experience have been more room and more baggage capacity in the airplane.  The IPADs have let us remove a stack of books that take up space in the forward closets of our airplanes, and allowed more room for passenger comfort items and passenger baggage storage in the airplane. The removal of those books has also taken about 40 pounds of weight off the plane, which can be turned into more bags, or more fuel available for those longer trips.

Operational management has been improved as well.  When company manuals change, it is now as simple as downloading the newest version from a cloud based Dropbox ™ folder, and deleting the old one.  While we were using paper, the pilots had to go page by page through the new document to ensure they replaced revised pages with the newest data.  Download speed available is now the only restriction to ensuring that pilots have the latest and greatest information available to ensure passenger comfort and safety of flight.

The biggest advantage we see, though, is a great improvement in safety.  While we were operating with paper charts, pilots had to be very careful during planning to make sure they had the correct books available during flight.  If for some reason they forgot to get the right books, they either had to do without the information, or send a pilot into the cabin in order to retrieve the correct books.  Either case is sub-optimal when you view it through the lens of flight safety.  By contrast, The IPADs have all the data that the pilots need, and then some, literally right at their fingertips.  No more un-strapping to get the right book prior to commencing the letdown and approach. 

So, the next time you’re flying with us and you see the pilots break out the IPAD in the cockpit, know that they’re not surfing the internet or reading romance novels!  They’re leveraging technology to help us improve the safety and efficiency of our flights and to ultimately lead to a safer, more efficient and more comfortable client experience for you!