Centennial Airport’s Main Runway (17L35R) Resurfaced!

Aug 01, 2017 | Categories: Uncategorized

Using grant funds from the Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program and a 10% match from Arapahoe County Public Airport Authority, Centennial Airport was able to complete a major resurfacing project in 2017.  Closing the airport’s main runway was undoubtedly inconvenient, but they were able to complete a large amount of work in a fairly short amount of time.  The closure began May 30th and was scheduled to be in place until July 6.  However, the runway was opened again by July 3, 2017.  In that amount of time, two phases of the project were finished.  The entire length of the runway was milled (surface of the runway ground up to a specific depth) and the new surface placed (Phase One.)  Additionally, significant upgrades to the electrical systems were completed (Phase Two.)  While the main runway was being worked on, the other runways remained open and ready for aircraft.  In fact, the airport was allowing planes up to 75,000 pounds to land on Runway 17R/35L to help keep operations as normal as possible.  With the completion of the project, pilots and passengers enjoy the smooth ride on a nearly new runway at Centennial!